Orhan Gündüz, the late Turkish Honorary Consul in Boston, was a highly respected member of the Boston Turkish Community and the founder of the original Turkish school in the late 70s. The school was short lived, and was not rejuvenated in the sad years following the loss of Mr. Gündüz to the terrorism of the early 80's. The present school was established in 1994 in his memory, and which is in its 17 year in the care of its dedicated parents and teachers.

Over the years the school has grown both in the numbers of students - children and adults - as well as the families and members of the Turkish community that frequent the school. Bringing together members of the Turkish community every Sunday has filled a critical gap present in the greater Turkish community in the Boston Area and OGMS has recognized its special role in this regard. The core mission of teaching Turkish to students of all ages and knowledge levels still remains the main priority though.

In 2009 OGMS, through a core group of dedicated parent-administrators, has filed for 501(c) non-profit organizational status and through these efforts has drafted formalized by-laws and an organizational constitution. These efforts will ensure that the school's legacy in the years to come will continue on the bright path it has already set forth.